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IPFS Deploy for Java

Decentralized Java package repositories on IPFS/Filecoin.

IPFS Deploy for Java

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Project Description

Java build tools for deploying packages to and reading from decentralized Maven repositories on IPFS/Filecoin.

ipfs-deploy-maven-plugin: Build plugin to deploy a Java project to Textile or Fleek buckets.

  • Deploy project to Textile bucket
  • Archive project from Textile to Filecoin
  • View Textile to Filecoin archival status
  • Deploy to Fleek bucket

Note that the above build plugin is already available on Fleek, so you can use it right away without having to build it. In fact, it was deployed by invoking itself!

wagon-ipfs: Build extension to allow reading from a repository using IPFS URL format.

demo: End to end demo, containing step by step instructions and the following sample projects. demo/project-a: Sample project that can be deployed to Textile or Fleek. demo/project-b: Sample project for consuming a dependency from a Textile, Fleek, or IPFS repository.

How it's Made

Implements a Maven plugin that deploys a Java project to a local Maven repository, then uploads it to a Textile or Fleek bucket. It uses Textile to archive the project to the Filecoin testnet.

The plugin makes use of the Textile Hub CLI to deploy to buckets on Textile Hub Next.

The plugin makes use of the AWS SDK for Java to deploy to buckets on Fleek Storage.

A Maven Wagon extension is provided to allow consuming dependencies from "ipfs://" URLs in project builds.

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