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IPFS Calendar

A simple calendar which would track your upcoming events by storing the data on IPFS

IPFS Calendar

Created At

HackFS 2022

Project Description

With this Application, you can store events in the webpage which are coming from the IPFS calendar. First you will need to add the event your are going to attend and also the time it is going to happen.

Once that is done the data will be fetched from IPFS and will be displayed in the webpage.

Later on, there will be an advanced calendar added and also that the user can add pictures next to their events if they are willing to do so.

How it's Made

This project is mainly build on IPFS as all the data is stored there. Also it is using the Moralis SDK for connecting the wallet and make connection with IPFS in order to get the data stored. It is also using Moralis to retrieve the data back via a http gateway.

This is a simple way to start building a "decentralized calendar". On Future cases, I am going to add a real calendar where actually you can choose the date like in the Google Calendar so it will be a fully functioning dCalendar and also the option to add weekly/Monthly repeats & images if the user prefers to add them in their events.

I actually had a lot of issues as this was my first project via React, I would like to become a full-stack developer and React is needed for that. So my progress was really slow, I also got some issues with the fetching part, so I had to switch to Axios otherwise I would have not been able to retrieve the data.

All in all this was a very good hackathon for me as I made tons of progress in my React knowledge which I will use in the future and probably ETHOnline.

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