Decentralized fund management protocol using NFTs to track invstments


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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

The protocol democratize's earning by allowing any individual to start their fund and showcase their on-chain performance to accept investments from anyone and journey on achieving maximum profitability for all by executing all profitable on chain activities in a trust-less and non custodial manner. Individual Investments are tracked using an ERC721 NFT minted on each new investment to a fund. Investments are auto-compounded on every new investment/withdrawal to track the performance of the fund with minimal possible state variable changes making the process the most gas effective across competitors. The protocol creates stickiness around it by distributing the protocol fee among its primary users through token staking.

How it's Made

We use erc 721 standard tokens as receipts that are transferred to investors for their investment, this implementation helps in achieving higher gas efficiency for multiple interactions, as investors need not mint new tokens on further interactions, we can just update the NFT metadata, hence repurposing unused NFTs to create a gas efficient system. We use DEX Router interfaces to execute swaps and provide liquidity through fund contracts that hold custodianship of Invested assets and are protected against known exploits. We also execute in-situ on-chain swaps to any token requested by Investor on Withdrawals making the process more user friendly. We also made a custom multi call contract to decrease UI load times by a factor >10.

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