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Intellectual Property Proof Protocol. Let Artist, Developers, Designers and Authors prove their work is their own


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Project Description

Authors, Developers, Designers and Artists have to battle IP theft. The legal battle can sometimes be difficult if the origin of a specific file, let it be text, code, article or image can not be proven. web3 technology is in a unique position to solve the problem of attribution in a case where a legal resolution is required. Our technology allows creators of all kinds to upload their files to our system and then at a later stage cryptographically verify that they are the owners of a specific file.

How it's Made

We used web3auth's authentication module to allow our users to use decentralised wallets as well as non-custodial social auth based wallets.

First, the frontend generates a signature (signed hash of the file) which is used to deploy a smart contract. We do this so that potential bad actors listening to certain events can not take the file itself or the hash of the file in order to front-run our execution.

Each IP confirmation is a new smart contract (1-of-1 NFT) that is deployed by the browser/dApp.

After a confirmation of this hash, the web app uploads the file to IPFS and that generated hash is stored in the smart contract.

At a later stage, the user can view all of their NFTs (ERC721 contracts) that match the IntellectualDAOs format. The user can verify their work, by uploading the specific file, which goes through the hashing and signing processes in order to validate the origin. If a user can not validate an artwork with their private key, the smartcontract rejects the interaction.

Our design was done using the Polygon Finity design system on Figma.

Furthermore we are deploying our smart contracts on Polygon.

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