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InfluLenser is an all-in-one platform for hiring Lens influencers to promote your brand.


Created At

ETHGlobal Lisbon

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🥇 Lens Protocol — Best Use


🏊 The Graph — Pool Prize

Project Description

Problem for Influencers: It’s hard for influencers to connect with brands for sponsorship deals. This leaves many accounts without ability to monetize and share opportunities with their followers.

Problem for Brands: More and more brands want to target micro influencers to promote their products and missions, but they don’t know how to connect with and securley do business with them at scale.

Solution: InfluLenser delivers a one stop full solution for the promotion of your brand. Search and hire creators for a given mission, monitor their progress and pay for the job in a secure way - all in one place. For influencers, you can find sponsorship opportunities, earn money, make social posts, and grow a reputation as a paid influencer.

Power-user: Nouns DAO has hundreds of initiative going on at any one point - that’s a lot or projects to get the word out about. Luckily, Nouns has an organization account on InfluLenser where they can hire influencers to publicize their forum posts and get more reach. Check out their posts!

How it's Made

Influlenzer is based on the interconnexion between two protocols: Lens and TalentLayer. We used both their Graphs to query data, Smart contract interaction (for TalentLayer) & API calls (for Lens).

Organizations thanks to SAFE - In order to allow big mainstream brands to hire influencers on Lens, we need to be able to allow them to interact with the app as an organization. We’ve enabled organizations with many individuals to manage one TalentLayer ID (the identifier needed to post jobs, release escrow, etc) by creating an “organization creation” workflow using SAFE SDK - an organization is represented on-chain as a SAFE multi-sig and different wallets can manage actions like hiring an influencer, paying them, posting a sponsorship opportunity, leaving reviews, etc. This way, the creation of the multisig wallet is integrated in the onboarding flow of the TalentLayer user, and a new organization account is created using this Safe's address. We deployed this on Polygon.

We managed to integrate the Safe wallets in TalentLayer by leveraging The Graph. Since we added the concept or Organizations to the TalentLayer protocol, we had to make some upgrades to their Graph, however we did not want to have to modify the protocol's smart contracts, so we managed to handle Organizations entities (creation and mapping) solely through metadata, and used TheGraph's IPFS indexing feature to handle entity creation within existing metadata update events on the smart contracts. We have a deployed graph on Mumbai's hosted service:

For this marketplace, we tightly coupled Lens & TalentLayer by extensively using Lens' SDK and Graph; we only display TalentLayer users which have a Lens ID and display all their social data such as posts or followers in their service proposals. Also when an Influlenser's proposal has been validated by a company, they have the possibility to directly post without leaving the platform as we used Lens SDK to embed a way to do so.

We used this newly created organization profiles to create campains for NounsDao, this is a perfect usecase for such a platform.

Our frontend Uses NextJS, Typesrcipt, Tailwind CSS. We useGraphQL queries to interact with Lens & TalentLayer offchain data, and ethers / wagmi to perform on-chain transactions.

We used Safe Core SDK for safe creation & creation / fetching / validatingtransaction Proposals

We used TheGraph as indexer with ipfs data indexing feature.

We also integrated Lens SDK to embed posting on lens from our platform.

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