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Decentralized Inflation Dashboard, based on the initial idea of @Balajis, leveraging decentralized censorship-resistant web3 protocols


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ETHGlobal Paris

Project Description

Inflation is a monetary phenomenon, but also a social one, as Balaji describes it. If enough people think that inflation is going to happen, then it will. This pushes some people with power to censor the discussion about Inflation, leaving the discussion and anticipation of it to wealthy and powerful people, at the detriments of all, an more specifically to those who are already struggling or lack access to information. As such, a decentralised, censorship-resistant dashboard should push the needle in the right direction for all, broadcasting and presenting verified information to all.

How it's Made

This design suggests a way of building such a decentralized inflation dashboard, using a majority of web3 solutions, from identity, with Sismo, WorldCoin, PolygonID, etc., to store this data in a censorship resistant way (IPFS, FileCoin), curate it though DataDAOs, which could leverage Aragon OSx, and distribute through AirStack or ChainLink, and present it via TheGraph or DuneAnalytics.

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