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Decentralized Insurance over Real World Disasters -Using SUAVE as private real world data oracle and Safe contract accounts as vaults, emergency funds can be automatically delivered to the ones in need


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

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Arbitrum - Pool Prize

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Project Description

credible Web2 API calls from Kettles as real world data Oracles and Safe Modules to automatically execute fund distribution once transaction is verified and thus relayed from Suave. This provides a trustless emergency aid insurance based on location so that those who want to help can do so directly without any extra trust assumptions

yes we still rely on some centralized parties for providing the data but in easily verifiable use cases like earthquake, bad weather, war, we can surly aggregate multiple sources to get the “truth.”

However, thanks to the fact that Suave can call any web2 api in a verifiable way, we can totally extend the use cases to more than just geo-location based or public-information based. For use cases that are more complicated to verify - personal information like medical situations and property damage, we might want to introduce some slashing mechanism/ token gate who are eligible to enroll based on on-chain history.

something fun to think about with the composability of running precompiles in kettle can be we running a group of AI judges with certain criteria to approve claims.

obvious benefits are privacy protection - before SGX hacks, much easier real world data oracle, and automation in disasters.

How it's Made

Credible Web2 API calls using SUAVE kettles that query data of whether it rains badly/ there is an Earthquake/ there is flood in a certain geographic region. Safe AA as vault with auto-distribution modules on Arbitrum Sepolia - So no private key is needed for the vault to execute aid distribution Connected using WalletConnect - For end users to deposit some fund for future aid or for people to donate. Yet to integrate - Arx NFC Cards for off-line Signing and Spending

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