Immutable News

The idea will be to have few stories a day that is related to news of the day that seems important to the author of the new and voters of the new, that deserves to be remembered (e.g. a plane crash, a nobel prize, etc...)

Immutable News

Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

Summary: A news archiving tool that permanently saves few stories every 24 hours, each of them having few different perspectives/primary sources.

Problem: News sources are incredibly biased. Even “reputable” news sources often misreport the truth. Therefore, finding the objective truth based on centralized news publications is impossible. Furthermore, a considerable amount of important news gets lost due to excess reporting.

Solution: Authority is built democratically through voting. Every day, journalists submit noteworthy stories. They stake ETH/native token in order to ensure that the stories are serious.

Then, the community votes on the 5 most important stories of that day. The initial ETH being staked gets redistributed among the stories submitted based on votes.

Once the 5 stories are locked in, other users are encouraged to share their perspectives on this story. For example, a Democrat may view a news story about vaccines differently than a Republican. Voting begins again. If two perspectives are similar, one author can choose to “concur” with another perspective, transferring their votes.

The top five perspectives are then also locked and their authors receive a reward as well. Ultimately, the goal is to have five of the most important news stories every day with five radically different perspectives saved forever.

Why Web3: Web3 is inherently anonymous, censorship resistant, and immutable. Users need to be anonymous to feel comfortable sharing their true opinions. Similarly, users should be able to share their true opinions without fear of being censored. Lastly, since this is an archive, it should be immutable.

How it's Made

We have basically worked in ReactJS and Solidity for the moment. We were looking to integrate Filecoin/IPFS in the future to store the news but we haven't integrated it yet. Would like to integrate ENS Domain too for account. This is just a draft for now, there is still a lot to do.

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