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ImagineNet is a platform enabling game developers to quickly build, fund, and launch unique new games using Filecoin. Developers can create communities, launch MVPs, secure funding, and release full games—all on a single platform.


Created At

HackFS 2024

Project Description


In the dynamic world of gaming, 40% of all games sold on Steam are indie games. These are the products of single developers or small teams, driven by passion and creativity. Indie games are celebrated for their innovation, thoughtfulness, and uniqueness. However, creating these games is a labor-intensive and costly endeavor, and developers often face the uncertainty of whether their games will be well-received. Consequently, many talented developers opt to work in large studios on mainstream projects.


Introducing ImagineNet, a revolutionary platform where game developers can swiftly build, fund, and launch unique new games. ImagineNet leverages Filecoin to enable developers to cultivate a community around their ideas, rapidly launch MVPs, secure funding, and release complete games—all within a single platform.

Why Filecoin?

Filecoin is the optimal storage solution for ImagineNet for several reasons:

  1. Size Compatibility: Games are substantial in size, and Filecoin allows efficient storage and retrieval of these large files.
  2. Web3 Native and Decentralized: Filecoin seamlessly integrates with our platform, maintaining decentralization.
  3. Speed: Despite its decentralized nature, Filecoin offers impressive speed, ensuring smooth operations.


There is an abundance of talented individuals eager to bring their ideas to life, but the high risk involved is a significant deterrent. ImagineNet mitigates these risks, providing developers with the tools, support, and distribution necessary to successfully fund and launch their games. This will result in:

  1. A surge in the number of game developers releasing innovative games.
  2. The emergence of a new investment asset for the web3 community.
  3. Filecoin becoming the primary distribution hub for these games.


The true vision of web3 is not merely about memecoins but about fostering a creative and decentralized future. With Filecoin, we are paving the way for this future through ImagineNet. Thank you for your time!

How it's Made

Filecoin Integration (Lighthouse) : Filecoin was chosen for its efficient and decentralized storage solutions, essential for handling the large files associated with game development. Filecoin's speed and web3-native features ensure seamless integration and performance.

BNB Testnet: We utilized the BNB Testnet for blockchain testing and development. This allowed us to implement and test smart contracts in a cost-effective and secure environment before deploying them on the mainnet.

Frontend Development: The frontend was developed using modern web technologies, primarily React, in conjunction with Vite for a dynamic and engaging user experience. This combination provides a fast, efficient, and responsive interface, crucial for user engagement.

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