A libp2p based network for sharing iExec ODB orders


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Project Description

The iExecODB (iExec Open Decentralised brokering), introduced in V3, is the base of the iExec marketplace. It was designed as a hybrid on-chain/off-chain protocols, offering both the security and decentralisation of the blockchain, and the low cost of off-chain communications and storage. This protocol, designed in July 2018, and live since May 2019 includes many features, some of them still not being fully utilised by the iExec stack.

Despite the protocol being decentralised in its design, the current implementation still relies on centralised entities such as the iExec order store. This is a service, provided by iExec, for users to share their, and query other people's, orders. It is accessible directly from the iExec marketplace or through the iExec SDK.

The objective of iExecODBP2P is to propose a decentralised alternative to the iExec order store.

iExecODBP2P is a P2P network of nodes that stores and keep track of iExec ODB orders. This includes broadcasting new orders, searching existing orders, and keeping track of old, invalid, orders.

How it's Made

'- OrbitDB (IPFS (Libp2p))

  • Ethers

  • Node

  • Docker

  • React

  • (Mongo in an older prototype)

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