A decentralized digital document validation solution that offers trustworthy identity data and gives users complete control of their data.


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Project Description

The idea of ​​Identity is: provide the storage of validated personal information in a single location where the user can manage and control access to his information on different platforms. create a data validation market where validators are responsible for certifying the veracity of the data to be integrated into different business models, according to the company's needs. create an ecosystem that allows users and validators to be rewarded for their information and service provision, respectively. It is compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation and can be used in the Know Your Customer (KYC), customer identification process which involves steps to assist in verifying the customer's identity.

How it's Made

Identity is being built to create a possibility for a decentralized ecosystem where everyone can generate their income. Identity's smart contract is in solidity. We use Portis as a wallet for hackmoney. The frontend of the Validator and Persona are in Angular and smart contracts em solidity.

In the future we will continue the project and use our own wallet and implement more features.

As much as the project had a one-month deadline, we had a few hours due to heavy workload on other corporate projects.

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