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identiFi is a cutting-edge blockchain-based digital identity platform that empowers users to create, verify, and manage their unique decentralized identifiers (DIDs) securely. Seamlessly issue and verify credentials, ensuring privacy and authenticity across various platforms.


Created At

HackFS 2024

Project Description

identiFi introduces a revolutionary approach to digital identity management by leveraging blockchain technology to ensure privacy, security, and authenticity:

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs): Create and manage unique DIDs on the blockchain. Identity Verification: Submit identity documents for verification by trusted third parties.

Credential Verification: Verify the authenticity of credentials

User Profile Management: Update personal details and manage credentials easily.

Privacy Controls: Control who can access identity information and under what circumstances.

Security Measures: Strong security measures including encryption and secure key management.

Social Media Integration: Share your verified digital identity on various social media platforms.

Profile Editing: Easily update and manage your digital identity profile.

How it's Made

Blockchain Backend: Developed using Solidity, smart contracts on Ethereum provide a secure and decentralized backend for identity management. Monobean: Utilized for batch transactions, ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations. Chainlink VRF: Used to generate unique DIDs for users. IPFS: All user images are stored on IPFS to ensure decentralized and secure storage. FrontEnd: We used Nextjs, reactjs and tailwindcss for the front end.

Prerequisite -Nodejs Installed -Git Installed -npm Installed -Hardhat Installed -Metamask (or any other Ethereum wallet) -Chainlink VRF setup -IPFS

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