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IDENTI3 is a data-driven self-sovereign identity protocol. Data is one of the world's most valuable assets. IDENTI3 allows individuals to take control of their identity and data in a fully decentralised way.


Created At

HackFS 2022

Project Description

Data Management

Manage and own your own data:

IDENTI3 allows users to connect any applications supporting OAuth and import all data from endpoints that the application supports. This data is encrypted using Lit protocol and written to Ceramic Streams. Each endpoint that a user calls is encrypted separately with Lit protocol and the user's connected wallet as the access control. Users can also create and store other types of data with predefined & user-defined schemas. These work in the same way and give users the flexibility to add their data as they wish. Pre-defined schemas will exist such as a professional experience schema, a medical profile schema, etc. Ceramic allows us to utilise “Definitions” for the data a user chooses to encrypt and store. Applications, Users, and the owner of the data can all view information such as: The Name of the owner of the data (Basic Profile), the description of the data stored, and a schema of the JSON data. This definition is mapped to a Record using a DefinitionID and RecordID in the Identity Index (IDX) protocol which also allows us to associate these records with the user's DID. The RecordID is the encrypted information that only users & applications that have been given access can see.

Access Control:

Easy management of data access and control IDENTI3 uses Lit Protocol to encrypt and control access to users' data. Using a smart contract, IDENTI3 can allow the data owner to add users or applications (DIDs) to the latest encrypted endpoint stream and allow them to decrypt and read that data. This works by allowing applications and users to read the definition of a users data in order to understand what they are looking for access to, and then using and/or XMTP, the person requesting access to the data can make a message request to the owner. When the owner receives this request, it will contain; the definition (Description of the data & Data Schema) and the Data Record which is encrypted. The owner can choose to sign this message which will add the data hash and the requester access condition to a function which will return access=true to Lit protocol.


No more passwords with IDENTI3 IDENTI3 uses the latest FIDO standards to allow users to say goodbye to passwords. This allows users to generate keys from their blockchain wallet and using Ceramic CAIP-streams, have the ability to perform social recovery in case of lost information or access. Users can use these generated keys to perform passwordless authentication with supported sites, only needing to sign a message in their wallet !

Utility Put your data to use: IDENTI3 allows users to benefit from the collection of their own data. When using IDENTI3, users can enable a number of different data streams and collections. Our application layer allows 3rd party apps to build on top of IDENTI3 and give users the ability to grant access to their data for the return of service, reward or other incentives.

Storage IDENTI3 uses Ceramic Network and DIDs to create your Self-Soveirgn IDENTI3. Using Ceramic's permissionless data streaming network, users can store, edti and update content on IPFS & Filecoin.

How it's Made

IDENTI3 uses Ceramic DIDs, Lit Protocol for encryption and Orbis protocol for our messaging.

We had some last-minute conflicts so please take some time to view a more in-depth analysis of the protocol here:

Goal to develop SDKs to allow applications to easily build on top of IDENTI3 and be the one stop shop for DID and profile integrations.

Use on-chain data records to verify DID Identities and ZK WEB3 credentials

Provide the ability for other applications to use DID user data with permission in order to provide a service or through incentives.

All data is requested from the user and only used if signed approval from the user is gained.

E.g. Heath App can easily create a network of verified doctors in an area where users can share their information with.

StudentDAO ( that want to create a network of students in web3 with profiles including bounties from Dework, Onchain info, Github profiles etc.

LinkedIn Web3 that takes into account users' data from Linkedin, Github, Twitter, discord, verified CVs and other information.

IDENTI3 will support data storage from multiple different decentralised data stores and indexes.

A one-stop shop for users to take control of their data and put it to use.

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