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Idea Factory

Decentralized Startup incubator/funding pool that promotes investing and contributing to ideas

Idea Factory

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Project Description

Idea Factory is a platform that allows users to create problems that they would like to see solved, and add ideas that they think solve a problem. Other users can then vote on ideas which invests those votes in the idea, resulting in an increase in value for the idea. Users can also provide advice, technical support, etc to ideas which will reward them with a stake in that idea

How it's Made

Project uses UMA synthetic tokens for the VOTE tokens and the Idea tokens are erc1155 nft tokens. The frontend is built off of scaffold-eth. We have a Pool coordinator which holds the funds for ideas and creates Pools and Child pools. This also connects to IdeaFactory which mints the idea tokens. When a user adds votes to an idea, they are given x idea token, based on the value with their votes added. The frontend is pretty hacky in that we reside a lot of code that should be in components as well as reusing state and making more calls than we should. The smart contracts are probably more inefficient than they could be, but in my limited experience I feel like it's decent.

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