The Huddln Blockchain Service, provides social platform clients with a set of standard features that focus on content monetization.


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Project Description

Huddln is a service for decentralized social networks to have a set of standardized features they can provide to their users. The hack for this hackathon was to provide once of those features, content staking. Content staking allows patrons to purchase a stake in a piece of content similar to how you would purchase stock in a company. That stake allows the patron to claim a portion of the tips received on that content in the future based on how big their stick is on the content. This encourages patrons to help get content viral and allows creators more flexibility to how their monetize their content.

How it's Made

It is built using matic side chain with biconomy contracts for gasless transaction. The project needs to support gasless transaction to encourage new users with no funds to post to our system. Gasless transaction therefore help with onboarding and creating less friction for users and other clients to integrate. The Matic sidechain was relatively easy to incorporate, it mostly just involved deploying to a different RPC than the regular ethereum ones.

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