HubbaHubbaNFT is a Proof of Attendance token generating a digital badge


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Road to Web3

Project Description

We wanted to build a Proof of Attendance token. It will provide events' participants with a way to prove their attendance using digital unique badges, which are supported by a cryptographic record. Each badge has features of Non Fungible Token (NFT). It was our first smart contract ever, we're so grateful and excited to have got this opportunity to learn from great mentors and other participants. The name HubbaHubba refers to an expression used to show approval, excitement, or enthusiasm, especially with regard to a person's appearance.

How it's Made

The project is divided into three main parts- contracts, helping scripts and brownie-config.yaml. The smart contract file HubbaHubbaBadge.sol is the primary engine generating Proof of Attendance badges. Technology-wise, we mainly used brownie package. As it comes to a sponsor technology, we got free matic on a Polygon Mumbai testnet which allowed us to deploy our first token!

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