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How To Web3 - Storage

This is the very first site of my series How to Web3. This is a series where its about to explain Web3 topics to the everyday user and explain it in very easy terms. This one is about Storage.

How To Web3 - Storage

Created At

HackFS 2022

Project Description

This project is about educating people about Web3 and on board the everyday user to Web3. Its about helping people understand Web3 topics without 100 buzzwords and go too deep into technical depth.

Also, i want the user to take action, try it out, and see that Web3 is not scary as it may seem.

This is the very first part of the series and it's about storage. The user can read it about it and then even upload a file using Pinatas API to IPFS.

How it's Made

I used NextJS with Typescript and Tailwind. This is by far my favorite Tech Stack. Typescript to improve code readability and maintenance and Tailwind because it's a joy to work with it.

Also im using Pinatas API so the user can upload a file and try it out

Its made for people that are new to Web3 and maybe even for people that are new to tech stuff in general like older people.

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