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Honorus is a decentralized identity and reputation system designed to empower Web3 users with secure, transparent, and verifiable identities.


Created At

HackFS 2024

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Lit Protocol - Participation Prize

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Project Description

In the evolving landscape of Web3, establishing trust and verifying identities remain significant challenges. Traditional identity verification systems are centralized, prone to breaches, and often lack transparency. Users struggle with managing multiple identities across various platforms, leading to fragmentation and inefficiency. There is a dire need for a decentralized solution that provides a unified, secure, and verifiable identity and reputation management system.

Solution Credence addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive, decentralized identity and reputation system. By integrating ENS, Filecoin, and Lit Protocol, Credence ensures that user identities are not only easy to manage but also secure and verifiable. Here’s how:

Decentralized Identity Verification:

ENS Integration: Users register their identities using ENS, allowing them to have human-readable names (e.g., alice.eth) instead of complex Ethereum addresses. Verification: ENS names are resolved to Ethereum addresses to confirm ownership and authenticity. Secure Data Storage:

Filecoin Integration: Verification data and user reputation scores are securely stored on Filecoin. This decentralized storage ensures data integrity and availability. Encryption with Lit Protocol: All user data is encrypted using Lit Protocol before storage, ensuring that only authorized entities can access the information. Reputation Management:

Users are allocated points for verifying their ENS names, contributing to their overall reputation within the system. Additional reputation points can be earned through verified interactions and contributions within the Web3 ecosystem. Key Features User-Friendly: Human-readable ENS names simplify the identity management process. Secure and Private: Lit Protocol ensures data is encrypted and secure. Decentralized Storage: Filecoin provides a robust, decentralized storage solution. Transparent and Verifiable: All identities and reputations are easily verifiable on the blockchain. Interoperable: Designed to integrate seamlessly with other Web3 applications and platforms. Technical Overview ENS Verification:

Users register or login using their ENS names. The system resolves ENS names to Ethereum addresses for verification. Data Encryption and Storage:

User verification data and reputation scores are encrypted using Lit Protocol. Encrypted data is stored on Filecoin, ensuring decentralization and security. Reputation Allocation:

Verified users receive initial reputation points (e.g., 10 points for verifying ENS). Additional points are awarded based on verified interactions and contributions. Access Control:

Lit Protocol manages access control, ensuring that only authorized parties can decrypt and access user data.

How it's Made

This project use filecoin to store the data, lit to encrypt the data, and ENS to verify the identity. I have used Nextjs14 and shadcn for frontend part.

also wallet connect is used by rainbow kit

Honorus leverages the strengths of ENS, Filecoin, and Lit Protocol to provide a decentralized, secure, and user-friendly identity and reputation management system. By ensuring that user identities are easy to manage, securely stored, and verifiable, Credence addresses key challenges in the Web3 ecosystem, fostering trust and collaboration in the decentralized community.

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