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HonestFIL a real-time reserve tracking dashboard for maximum transparency, trust and ease to audit protocols, exchanges or dapps on Filecoin.


Created At

FVM Space Warp

Winner of


🥉 Push Protocol — Best Use


🛠 Filecoin & IPFS — 🥇 Discovery Tools


🏆 FVM Space Warp Finalist

Project Description

HonestFIL is a dashboard for protocols and dapps built on the Filecoin blockchain, offering real-time tracking and alerts for potential issues or hacks to ensure secure reserves.

Our platform offers auditing services and rewards auditors for verifying reserves, giving users peace of mind and confidence in their investments.

How it's Made

We've built a platform that leverages the power of Filecoin to track and save the real-time data on the reserves held by various DeFi protocols on the blockchain. With the help of Push Protocol, we deliver real-time alerts and notifications to ensure the safety of the reserves. The front-end is built using Spheron, making it user-friendly and easy to navigate.

By using these technologies, we've created a one-stop-audit for tracking the reserves of DeFi protocols in real-time and ensuring their security through real-time alerts and notifications.

The result "HonestFIL" a solution for DeFi protocols to track their reserves with transparency, trust, and ease.

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