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Home3 is your start page to web3, a place where you can manage your profiles and the content you consume


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Project Description

Home3 is your home page to web3, a place where you can publish content, interact with others, and pull in other widgets to your personalized homepage. Similar to personalized sites in web2, Home3 is customizable with publications you create (e.g. your personal life updates, your thoughts on business, your shares of your pets or family). Home3 allows you to customize the content you consume from others in a feed and decide who can interact with content you share.

How it's Made

This project uses the Lens Protocol API to create profiles and pull in existing profiles via getProfile. We envision using additional API calls for posts, comments, and follows. We used a React framework with Apollo & GraphQL components to connect to the Lens API. Our coding was done primarily in Typescript and we used Chakra UI for design elements. We didn't get as far as we would have liked due to challenges in authenticating with the API but our Figma file and roadmap in the video demo show a brief vision on where we'd like to take this idea.

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