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Embedded NFT = Don't need knowledge of Blockchain to create an NFT service.


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Improving the fluidity of creative value. Just as anyone can create an e-commerce site, anyone can create an original sales site for NFT.

Because of the high GAS cost of ETH L1, it will be implemented on polygon in the MVP phase.

Users of Hokusai will have multiple benefits. The first is custom contracts: Hokusai users can deploy their own contract addresses and implement their own NFTs.

The second is the combination of APIs. If you want to use fiat as a payment method for your own site, you can do so by implementing Square or Paypal. On the other hand, if you want to use crypto currency for payment, you can implement bitpay or coinbase commerce.

The third is flexible royalty setting. Usually, you can only set a single royalty at NFT service. With Hokusai, however, you can set up to 10 accounts with a distribution ratio of up to 80%.

How it's Made


Frontend→React / ethers.js


Wallet→Metamask / Fortmatic

infrastructure→ Firebase

By combining with existing payment systems such as circle's, it is possible to build an NFT sales site for stable coin payments.

We have created a service that creates the primary market for NFTs.

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