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High Five Rewards Program

A marketplace platform for rewards and community building. Helps shops/sellers create dynamic and fun rewards using NFTs and crypto assets, and it helps buyers find relevant rewards programs they can use everywhere, easily and in a fun way.

High Five Rewards Program

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Project Description

Web 3 is all about value. It comes in many forms and it can be difficult to understand: decentralization, tokens, layers, staking, yields, NFTs, APY, APR, drops, roles, decentralization, security, shards, blocks, chains…. And it can be intimidating.

What if we get all of that value into our daily lives in a way that is easy to understand?

High 5 Rewards, is a marketplace for rewards and community building that leverages the best things of the blockchain to improve the shops and services we use every day. Think of your coffee shop, the snack bar in your co-working or your favorite taco bar that’s right next to your barber shop.

The best thing for the buyer is that he or she doesn’t need to carry 10 different loyalty cards, High 5 Rewards helps him/her connect to all of them.

The best thing for the sellers is that they don’t have to think about and spend money on programs that don’t work or add real value to their buyers. High 5 Rewards helps them create proven rewards schemes that are beautiful and fun, with a level of clarity and transparency that is only possible because of the blockchain.

Also, these shops are independent, but it doesn’t mean they can’t work together. They have many shoppers in common and if they are able to provide meaningful shared programs, everyone wins. High5Rewards provides a simple way for shops to share ideas and agree on the best ones to bring to life through a DAO.

Oh, and the final reason why we are super excited about High 5 Rewards, it brings web 3 to your daily live -and shows you how you can grow your rewards (and your capital) in easy ways such as trading and staking.

##Key Features

For the buyer:

  • Connect with your favorite sellers, in your block (neighborhood), when you travel or digitally.
  • Discover great rewards and subscription programs to simplify your life
  • Trade your rewards, buy them, sell them or exchange them.
  • Stay in touch with your block, events, and discussions.

Sellers / creators

  • Showcase your presence.
  • Create dynamic and fun rewards for your buyers, with proven rewards schemes.
  • Collaborate and co-create with other like-minded sellers that want to make the community better for all
  • Design the future of the High5Rewards through the DAO.
  • Easily transact rewards with your buyers through the “Rewards Gate”.


  • Buyers, sellers, rewards created, rewards used, volume
  • Revenue: % transaction/royalties, other services

#Target Market


#Current Version

How it's Made

An Ethereum Dapp, deployed to the Polygon test network. The backend code utilizes Molaris, a decentralized peer-to-peer network. The frontend code and user interfaces are in React.

  • Dapp = Front-end + Smart Contracts

  • Deployed on Polygon

  • Leverages Moralis

  • NFTs: ERC721

  • React

How we built it

-Environment tools include: npm, git, VScode, Hardhat

-Smart contracts were created with Solidity

-Contracts were tested in the browser using Remix.

-Contracts were compiled and deployed using Hardhat.

-Contracts were deployed using Moralis Speedy Nodes to the Polygon Mumbai test network.

  • Frontend/UI/UX was created in React

-Web3.js will be utilized as a web3 provider.

-Wallets to test: Metamask (MATIC/Mumbai test network)

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