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Heptagon is a Polygon based DeFi dapp that works in tandem with Coinbase wallet to offer a fiat ramp, cash out and an Instant messenger where you can chat and send tokens and NFTs.


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HackMoney 2022

Project Description

Heptagon is a Polygon based DeFi dapp that works in tandem with Coinbase wallet to offer a fiat ramp, cash out and an Instant messenger where you can chat and send tokens and NFTs. Over the last decade, most economies in Latin America and the Caribbean have displayed sustained growth and macroeconomic stability leading to the emergence of growing middle classes. Despite these advances, poverty and inequality levels remain high and financial exclusion still affects important sectors of the population, which can hinder future economic and social development.

El Salvador’s experiment with Bitcoin has justifiably intrigued much of the financial world. That focus might be missing the much larger story. Regardless of the outcome of El Salvador’s cryptocurrency venture, mobile phones, fintech, DeFi, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency, are poised to dramatically alter banking and commerce, and potentially economic stability, throughout the region.

Nevertheless there are several challenges, an estimated 70% of economic transactions in Latin America are all cash. And just 50% has bank accounts. But, in contrast 78% has a cellphone with internet connection and among those more than 99% use Instant messenger apps. We think that the region is set to jump this chasm and generate new economies based in these technologies such as the jump several countries had from nothing to mobile phones without passing through landlines.

We just need the correct tools, applications and technologies.

How it's Made

Here you can see a diagram of the system:

  • The main services we are using are Coinbase Wallet and Rapyd.

  • Coinbase Wallet allows us to sign transactions, both by sending messages from our decentralized chat or sending money from it, in turn it allows us to have access to our cryptocurrencies when interacting with the Dapp.

  • Rapyd allows us, on your side, to carry out the KYC to use the Fiat services and also to checkout our fiat money through a virtual card or transfer.

  • The Swap is the only section where we coordinate both services to be able to exchange any of the 5 cryptocurrencies available to Fiat money.

Inside our app we can select the network we want to use, we are compatible with the 5 networks available in Coinbase but everything here is done in Polygon.Already within our Dapp we can see our balances and transactions of Fiat and Crypto.

In turn, if the person has NFTs, it will appear in their collection. These are in turn allocated in IPFS. We also included a Verify system where you can opt to do KYC. In the swap section we can make an exchange between our Fiat account and our crypto account, we only have to select if we want to convert Crypto to Dollar or Dollar to Crypto, in this case we will convert Crypto to Dollar. Once the transaction is signed and the operation is finished in the home section we will be able to see how we have already received our money in our Fiat account and deducted it from our Crypto account. In our Cash out section we will have 2 options, generate a virtual debit card where we can use our Fiat money or make an electronic transfer to another debit card, either visa or mastercard. At the same time we integrate a chat section, where we can talk to any address on the same network, first we put the address with which we want to talk and we can start sending messages, in this case it is possible to send messages, send attached money or even send an NFT.

Since each message is sent to a smart contract, we must sign the transaction and pay the fee for the transaction. Once the message is sent, we can see it appear in the chat.

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