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A Farcaster frame engineered for live music insights: seamlessly share your current Spotify track and access comprehensive real-time statistics. Elevate your musical experience.


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XMTP - Open Frames Bounty

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Privy - Most engaging use of frames

Project Description

HearMeOut designed specifically for music enthusiasts and audiophiles who wish to share their Spotify listening experiences in real-time. This innovative frame not only showcases the current track you're enjoying on Spotify but also dives deeper by offering insightful statistics about your listening habits. Whether you're exploring new genres, revisiting classic hits, or immersing yourself in your all-time favorite songs, this frame brings your musical journey to life for your Farcaster community. It's a perfect blend of technology and music, designed to keep your network in tune with your musical world.

How it's Made

This project utilizes Frames.js to ensure seamless integration and compatibility with existing frames, adhering to open standard for frames. Privy is implemented for authentication, providing a secure and personalized experience for each user by providing spotify and farcaster auth. By leveraging the Spotify API, the frame dynamically displays real-time music listening activity and comprehensive statistics, offering a unique and interactive way to engage with your music preferences. The use of these technologies ensures that the frame is not only functional but also tailored to each individual's listening habits, making it a valuable addition to any music enthusiast's Farcaster feed.

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