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Hashchat -- wallet-to-wallet / wallet-to-ProfileNFT encrypted messaging


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🏆 Lit Protocol — Best Private Data Solution


🏆 LFGrow Finalist

Project Description

Hashchat App demo shows Wallet-to-Lens ProfileNFT encrypted messaging. Hashchat is cross-platform -- wallets can be ETH-Lens, ETH-SOL, ETH-TEZ and everywhere in between. More and more we are doing business via crypto entities -- DAOs, Gnosis-safes. What is missing is the ability to have formal, private, encrypted communications which are signed by the asset-holder. There is a huge need for entities to engage in formal communications to confirm contracts, invoices, assets, etc. Hashchat provides that messaging backbone across all chains using the power of decentralized storage (Ceramic), encryption (Lit Protocol) and now ProfileNFT messaging (Lens Protocol)

How it's Made

This project uses React/typescript frontend, ceramic sdk, lit protocol sdk and lens protocol sdk to build a backend for encrypted messaging from wallet-to-wallet and lens profile to wallet. In addition, we use the Polygon Mumbai testnet for the Lens ProfileNFT and handle creation. In addition, within the Ceramic stack we used Collections and appending collections to enable adding messages to an existing thread.

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