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Hal Finance

Develop a very simple to use and understand dashboard that manages all your DeFi investments. The platform is cross chain and includes different assets , different transactions (borrowing, lending, providing liquidity, etc).

Hal Finance

Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

The project is a platform for people with limited to none crypto finance knowledge or traditional finance knowledge. Based on our market research 40% of crypto investors dont analyze their portfolio (not even a spreadsheet). Most of them dont understand about the importance of metrics and to understand the portfolio performance and each of the assets performance.

The idea is to offer

How it's Made

We wanted to aggregate a users portfolio data. We started by trying to read current blockchains nodes one by one without any success. The task appeared simple but was more and more complicated as we wanted to build everything from scratch. However, after looking the services available, we found Covalent.

Thanks their unified API, we were able to quickly develop and test our simple idea in hours which is: display core portfolio data and add a sentiment feature on the users holdings.

We used two endpoints of their API: “get token balances for address”, “get historical value over time”. We built a React application that connects to MetaMask using web3.js.

The whole idea was to use the api routes to leverage CovalentAPI (and use the two endpoints portfolio value and holdings of the portfolio), then format the data correctly to finally add a simple analytics layer.

The two core features of the project are:

  • assets: lets you view your portfolio performance on the past 30 days and its underlying holdings with respective value and weighting inside the portfolio (all of this possible with the most popular chains - Ethereum, Fantom, Binance and Polygon)

  • news: after visiting /assets, the app will have loaded the list of all the holdings inside the app state. It'll then display latest articles and news on the users's holdings with their respective sentiment (positive or negative) thanks to a library called sentiment.js

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