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A decentralized protocol to build/break habits and communities around them


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Project Description

All of us at some point in life want to pick up new habits and break some habits. With our busy lives, these things take a back step. This protocol aims to provide real-world incentives and penalties, and hence create urgency and importance to one's goals. We believe the habits we want to build will have long term benefits on us. Especially with web3, we think this protocol can bring like-minded people together and form strong communities of go-getters. We are amazed at how a simple thought we as a friends group had on a Saturday evening, quickly turned into a product. We have written our story and inspiration here: | This article should give proper understanding on why we believe HabitCult is a good product.

How it's Made

We used Solidity to build smart contracts that shall act as the backend for this protocol. The frontend is built in Angular and currently supports the Polygon network. There are mainly 4 contracts with CultManager being the main contract. This contract handles GoalNFT, GoalManager and Staker. A user can choose a goal of themselves, stake some money with us and practise their goal. Given that, they know they cannot get all of their money back, it gives them a good motivation to stick with their goal. We give NFTs as an incentive to successful users and we plan to use these NFTs to build interest specific communities. GoalNFT contract manages this contract minting. GoalManager manages all goal-related information. Staker is responsible for handling funds and earning yield.

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