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H3aven - Gata (Governance for Data)

Tokenized Access Control Application for Granular Data Governance

H3aven - Gata (Governance for Data)

Created At

ETHGlobal Tokyo

Winner of


📜 Scroll — Just Deploy


🏊‍♂️ Polygon — Pool Prize


🪄 FVM — DataDAOs


🪄 Airstack — 🥈 Best Idea Implementation

Project Description

Context:, the leading B2B-Baas of LATAM serves companies by certificating contract and process workflows via corporate blockchain consensus. In ETH Tokyo our goal is to decentralize data storage, so we present GATA: A Data Governance Framework based on Tokenized Organizational Roles.

User stories: -> Only a NFT holder is capable of accessing encrypted data. -> All profiles with the same role can access the same data. -> Whenever an user is removed of its role, access to specific data is also atomically removed.

Unprecedented Value to Society: Solution to credential double-spending: It is much more dangerous to share a private-key than to share recoverable credentials (Netflix password).

Solution to the corporate data kidnapping problem (Ransomware) by distributing data silos by company roles with complete data redundancy.

How it's Made

H3AVEN - GATA uses SAFE'S account abstraction to streamline WEB2 access to WEB3 as well an integration with Gellato a paymaster to outsource fees away from users.

For the decentralized storage it uses Filecoin integrated via Lighthouse. All data is encrypted and only accessed if the user is a holder of a given NFT.

The best hacker merit we had was to make a mass adoption plataform with easy access and granular data control compatible with the most common token standard in web3.

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