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A decentralized transparency platform that allows real professionals and small businessmen to stand out among the grifters, while helping buyers know who they are working with.


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ETHGlobal Paris

Project Description

Our platform allows for professionals like personal trainers, home renovators or even charities to build credibility over time by putting all their key wins on IPFS and immortalizing the references to these on the blockchain. Conceptually, it is somewhat similar to Lens but with a few key differences. First, we provide a platform for others to publicly criticize or comment a particular account. This could be similar to the functionality of yelp or Google reviews. This is like posting to someone else's account, which Lens does not allow. Second, our system works cross-chain, allowing every thread to be on a different EVM-compatible chain, and our web app pulls them all together. This allows for chain-agnosticism where everyone can keep their preferences and still communicate on one platform. Finally, we implemented (in deployed smart contracts, but didn't have time to add to the dapp itself) the ability to co-sign (similar to likes) which requires proof-of-personhood and can only be done once per thread; and the ability to leave special reviews which only go through if there exists an EAS attestation between the profile account and the commenter.

How it's Made

Posts are generated as Markdown and pushed to IPFS by our web app. The CID of the post is put on a blockchain of choice (to which our contracts are deployed) and stored there as a struct with the poster, timestamp, and post type. The smart contract limits the modifiers applied to posts of different types, so for example you cannot leave a review unless there exists an EAS attestation issued to you by the profile you are reviewing. This functionality could be used to lend credence to reviews which are left by customers that actually received a service, as opposed to trolls. Similarly, co-signs (functionally similar to likes, but with the ability to add comments in a Markdown post) can only be left by real people and cannot be replayed. This prevents the bot problem.

All posts of any type (including the posts that initiate a thread, replies etc) are represented in the same way on the blockchain (apart from the aforementioned type) and all have associated markdown pushed onto IPFS. This makes the platform incredibly extensible and potentially feature-rich.

As mentioned, each thread can be on a separate chain, managed by a separate smart contract. Our web app pulls all these threads together based on the associated profile (eth address) to which they are posted (e.g. this could be the address of a contractor or charity)

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