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Bootstrapping web3 social networks


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Project Description

This project lets people attach the social graph they use with social media applications to their ethereum address. This means that when you log into any web3 social media application that uses this protocol you will automatically have all your follows and followers. This shifts power from the platform to the user but also enables new social media applications to start up faster.

We wanted to build paid subscription tiers into this also but ultimately didn't have time to.

How it's Made

A smart contract tracks follows and unfollows. These are emitted as events on ethereum that are indexed by a subgraph we launched on The Graph. We also have a simple UI that shows the ability to follow and unfollow another user.

Coming into this hackathon our team knew very little about solidity and smart contract programming and nothing about GraphQL. Getting these all working together included a ton of learning along the way!

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