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Greeting NFT Airdrop

A dapp where users can send a NFT of Greeting Card to someone via email

Greeting NFT Airdrop

Created At

ETHOnline 2021

Winner of


NFTPort Prize Pool


Covalent Prize Pool


Pocket Network Pool Prize


Skynet Pool Prize


Textile Pool Prize

Project Description

Users can use a template of the greeting card created by designers. They can add message to the greeting card, it will be upload to IPFS. User can enter the email of the person who will claim the NFT of the greeting card. The recipient can click on the link to go to the claim NFT page to mint the NFT of the greeting card for free on Polygon Mainnet and it will contain message as metadata.

How it's Made

I built the dapp with next.js and use ant design for styling. I created the contracts using Solidity. I used textile/eth-storage to store the image of greeting card. I used NFTPort API to allow the user to mint free NFT of a greeting card. I deployed the contract on Polygon Testnet for cheap gas fee. I use Covalent API to display the user 's greeting card NFTs data from their wallet

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