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PWA on-ramp/off-ramp using using a payment processor and account abstraction to boost Defi mass-adoption.


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ETHGlobal New York

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πŸ₯‡ Compound β€” Best Use of Compound III


πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ The Graph β€” Pool Prize


πŸ₯‰ Unlimit β€” Best App

Project Description

Have u ever wondered how to make your deposits more productive?

We propose to you an app that provides better yield, we call it Greenyield! This project built a browser-based frontend that allows users to convert their fiat into crypto and stake it into Aave or other reputable sources, all on the blockchain. Greenyield is powered by Privy, a simple toolkit for web3 authentication, while Fiat deposits are enabled by Unlimit, your one-stop-shop to online payments. It starts as simple as signing up with your email address or Apple account to board you up on our app. Next, simply put in you credit card info, choose your deposit amount and let Greenyield process the conversion. Now, all that remains to be done is to choose which protocol to stake into. There are several protocols where you can stake your money, but we believe that you'll choose the most optimal. And voila! you just staked your fiat and it's already starting to make money, welcome to web3! You'll be able to see your staked funds within the user dashboard and easily manage them. So, how is Greenyield better than the regular yield provider? First, there's no lockup periods. The moment you deposit, it is free to withdraw from your privy account. Second, there's no limits. Start with as a little as a penny. In fact, the yield is the same whatever your stake is! And finally, it's just a good hedge. Volatility is just synonym of higher diversification. Convinced? Go to and start getting yield now.

Convinced? Go to and start getting yield now.

How it's Made

The direction we choose to take with our dapp is to promote Defi mass-addoption such that even if you have no hands on web3 it remains simple to use GreenYield. We use Privy's account abstraction to onboard new users into the blockchain adventure. With their service, to every user is generated an embedded wallet with its own public and private key. For security reasons, the private key is spitted between the user and Privy which allows easy retrieval in case of losing access to their signing-in method. This also allows the user to be in full custody of their funds. We use Compound and Aave as lending protocols in order to offer yield to our users. For now, yield is pegged to stable coins as we think that they relates the most traditional fiat in the mainstream narrative. Fiat onboarding is enabled by Unlimit that allows a seamless experience of converting fiat to crypto. We also keep a trace of each wallet transaction using Aave and compound subgraphs and this way track our users' data. Don’t let your money sleep on a bank account! Own it. Multiply it.

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