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Addressing the challenge of renewable energy integration, our project incentivizes individual contributions to the grid, making sustainable energy more accessible and rewarding.


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

Project Description

GreenDotPush introduces an innovative ecosystem to accelerate the adoption and generation of renewable energy. With the GenSensor technology, individuals can attach smart sensors to their green energy sources, like solar panels, to track and convert energy production into digital tokens. This mechanism not only encourages renewable energy generation but also allows for the creation and trade of green energy certificates in our marketplace, promoting transparency and economic activity within the green energy sector. Addressing real-world problems, our project directly contributes to reducing the global carbon footprint by providing economic incentives for clean energy usage, thereby making green energy more financially attractive and accessible.

How it's Made

Our project is built using IOT integration with Blockchain , and we are also using some protocols that are more aligned to our project and helps in the most crucial verification of on-chain energy trading data which is traceable and can be verified further , we have deployed our contract on Arbitrum and we are using sign protocol for making the data visible by using their On-chain Attestation service .

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