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Onboarding the next billion users onto blockchain across mobile, Discord, Slack, and Telegram!

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ETHGlobal Waterloo

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ Worldcoin — Pool Prize


🏊‍♂️ Polygon — Pool Prize


8️⃣ FVM — Top 8


🏊‍♂️ UMA — Pool Prize


🥇 The Graph — Best Use of Existing Subgraph


🎨 Quicknode — Best Use of NFT API


🥇 Highlight — Best Use

Project Description brings Web3 accessibility to mobile, Discord, Slack, and Telegram!

The barrier of entry to Web3 is HIGH. On September 26, 2022, The Ontario Securities Commission published a Crypto Asset Survey Report and found that amongst Canadians:

  • the average crypto asset knowledge score was 37%
  • few felt particularly familiar with crypto
  • most lacked a working knowledge of the practical, legal, or regulatory dimensions of crypto assets

And this is just crypto, arguably the most publicly recognizable part of the Web3 umbrella. So how do we lower the barrier of entry to crypto, blockchain, and Web3 services? With! 🤖 is a multipurpose, platform-agnostic tool that uses an LLM-driven chatbot to lower the barrier of entry to Web3 services and blockchain data visualization tools. Ask questions about specific Web3 technologies, get insights on data feeds (subgraphs), and make blockchain state changes all through chat.

Login with WorldCoin or MetaMask to access our chatbot here.

Access our Dashboard via our chatbot or directly.

How it's Made

Technologies Used: WorldCoin login, Gnosis Safe, Polygon, IPFS, Web3.Storage, The Graph subgraphs, UMA Protocol, Quicknode, NounsDAO, Highlight

  1. We are leveraging WorldCoin's World ID to provide secure authentication login for our POAP minting webpage! (We don't want people or bots spamming our POAP minting and taking it away from genuine users)

  2. We leveraged Quicknode's NFT API to allow all 650 hackers to mint their own ETHWaterloo 2023 POAP via chat using on the Polygon mainnet and testnet!

    • Mint your own ETHWaterloo 2023 POAP via text using (Quicknode NFT API, Polygon).
    • Choose from:
      • a Noun unique to your wallet address (Nouns-API).
      • a classic Mr. Goose GIF if you want the original image.
      • an AI generated Mr. Goose image with any traits you want OpenAI's Text-To-Image model (Eden AI API).
  3. Backup your NFTs on any chain through chat (IPFS and

  4. Data visualization dashboard (Streamlit app)

    • Monitor your Gnosis Safe wallet's transactions, ownership status, creation date and more! (Gnosis, The Graph)
      • Find trends using our interactive plotting feature using data from the Gnosis Safe subgraph
      • Enter your Gnosis Safe wallet address or transaction address to get information instantly
      • Download the data you selected as a .csv
    • Monitor UMA Mainnet Voting Entities (UMA Protocol, The Graph)
      • Retrieve data about: User, PriceIdentifier, PriceRequest, PriceRequestRound, VoterGroup, CommittedVote, RevealedVote, RewardsClaimed
        • Find the users who vote the most
        • Find the users who vote correctly the most
        • Sort data by PriceRequest value
        • Look up details about any individual user
  5. We also minted a "Rotating Mr. Goose" Generative NFT Collection using Highlight!

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