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creating a blockchain based notary service with final document minted to nfts. Native token reward system.


Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

Creating a secure platform for people to easily back up their data. and have it returned in an easily viewable format from any device. securing the files on a single paged website saved in an NFT through IPFS distributed storage. storage costs are refunded at the end of the storage term. funds in the platform will be invested into secure staking with profits going back into the protocol. rewards paid out to users in the sites native coin.

How it's Made

frontend react, css, javascript site will be deployed in a docker container on IPFS through IPNS.

Javascript will upload the files, take the hashes, create single page and mint the file to an nft.

attach domain to domain ens.

solidity, hard hat, npm, openzeppelin for the backend.

- staking site divides rewards between users by amount staked with Dao governance tokens.
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