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GoodyBag is a digital community based advertising for online and IRL consumer brands.


Created At

HackFS 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort — Pool Prize

Project Description

This project allows brands to market directly to NFT community members through rare and unique event, product, or service offerings. Brands have begun moving away from traditional advertising including large influencer advertising and moving towards spending more advertising dollars with niche communities and micro influencers. This trend is heating up as the recession nears. GoodyBag is a project that will capture this accelerating trend. The key is to not be a discount website but a website for rare and unique rewards for community members. Discounts to not drive up the value of a community like collectible rewards will. This ensures Brands, Users, and NFT communities all benefit from this unique form of advertising.

For Brands, Goody Bag allows them to find a niche a NFT community, offer a unique reward and drive customers to their IRL and online businesses.

For Users, Goody Bag allows them to view all of their current event, service, and product Goodies in one place. This enhances the value of their NFT ownership.

For NFT community managers, they can bring more value to their communities by offering branded events, products, and services that are rare and unique. This increases the value of their NFT community and will drive up the price of their NFT.

How it's Made

The key to bridging web2 to web3 is enabling this app to look like a more traditional web2 site while providing a web3 backend. Front end is built with Next and tailwindcss.

Polygon The entire app is wrapped in Polygon on only works on Mumbai testnet

IPFS/Filecoin Using we create nfts of the rare collectible for nft communities that enables each reward to be on the blockchain and only buyable by the nft community it is meant for. Main interface: src/pages/newcampaign.jsx

NFTPort I used NFTPort’s infrastructure to enable brands and users to search for the NFT communities that they want to market a rare collectible to Main interface: src/pages/search.jsx Dependent folders: src/components/FileUploadForm ; src/components/Results ; src/components/search

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