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Goodstake is a DeFi solution focused on the implementation of UBI (Universal Basic Income) for people and organizations in Latin America.


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πŸ† Worldcoin β€” Honorable Mention


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πŸ—ƒ Coinbase β€” πŸ₯ˆ Best Integration of Coinbase Wallet

Project Description

This project was built to allow the interaction of 2 kind of users -Stakers and Humans- with cryptocurrency.

First ones may be Governments, Enterprises or ONGs that could stake ETH to social causes and projects. Second ones will receive rewards as UBI (Universal Basic Income).

We'd like to present Goodstake as a way to improve financial management and bring crypto inclusion to the region. In other words, this platform will push Latin American to move from cash to digital form as a win-win for countries and people.

It is important to mention that people will be verify by WorldCoin as humans who could later withdraw their rewards connecting their wallets or pay any services with GSK, a new token with parity 1 to 1 to ETH.

With this parity with GSK, ETH remains staked as long as users do not want to change their GSK, and they could spend GSK on topics of interest to countries or organizations, to improve the amount of time that pools can generate stake.

ETH rewards can be staked while maintaining the liquidity of the beneficiaries with the GSKs, and they could spend the GSKs on topics that are of interest to the countries or organizations, to improve the amount of time that the ETH pools can generate stake.

How it's Made

We used the following technologies to build our project:

  • Solidity as a programming language of Smart Contracts.
  • ReactJS Front-end.
  • SSV.Network technology allows for the creation and management of Ethereum Staking Nodes.
  • Coinbase is the wallet for the humans webapp, it allows them to receive the UBI.
  • Metamask is the wallet for the stakers and humans, it allows them to stake to social causes in ethereum.
  • Worldcoin makes it possible to guarantee that those getting the UBI are human.
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