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goodLane aims to facilitate seamless transfers for public good grants. It allows people to participate in grant rounds from any chain, making public goods accessible to everyone.


Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Project Description

GoodLane is a groundbreaking platform designed to revolutionize the way public good grants are handled. Its primary aim is to facilitate seamless, efficient transfers of funds, ensuring that the process is smooth and accessible. What sets GoodLane apart is its unique ability to allow participants to engage in grant rounds from any blockchain, effectively breaking down barriers that previously limited access. This inclusivity means that public goods become more accessible to a wider range of people, regardless of their location or the blockchain they use. By streamlining this process, GoodLane not only enhances the efficiency of distributing grants but also encourages a broader participation, fostering a more interconnected and supportive community dedicated to public welfare and development.

How it's Made

goodLane makes everyone's life easier by integrating chains with Hyperlane. Using the warp routes of the Hyperlane, we bridged 6 chains together. Used core deployments on the Goerli, Arbitrum Goerli, Polygon zkEVM, Scroll Sepolia, Base Goerli and deployed our own core and warp contracts on the Mantle testnet. As a result, we built an infrastructure to build a seamless cross-chain donation platform. In addition to these we have planned to put optional zk to our project so that donators can hide their identity by using the zk circuits of the Circom and we have tried to use Waku for transferring the proofs between pairs.

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