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GoldSmith Finance

Buy, Lend & Borrow tokenized Precious Metals with ease with a buttery smooth UX!

GoldSmith Finance

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Project Description

Goldsmith Finance tokenizes precious metals like gold and silver and backs them up with real metals. We also offer lending, borrowing, flash loans enabling a new age of RWA tokenisation.

What's new? The dApp won't feel like anything you've seen. We try to abstract away chain,wallet,accounts, etc as much as possible to make this app accessible to all potential users. We also back our treasury with yield bearing tokens to reduce any risks as much as possible

How it's Made

We use React for the frontend and Foundry as the smart contract platform. We plan to deploy on EVM chains initially using either Wormhole or Hyperlane to make it accessible to other chains. For account abstraction we're playing with Safe accounts and Cometh SDK.

We haven't decided on which chain to initially deploy but we're thinking we'll go with polygon.

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