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Gohan Layer

Gohan-Layer is a proof generate reward system. It integrate with DA and ZKP to provides all chain liquidity.

Gohan Layer

Created At

ETHGlobal Sydney

Winner of


Nethermind - Data Availability and Blobspace


Avail - Best appchain/rollup/project built with Avail DA

Project Description

Gohan-Layer is a liquidity pool leveraging a Data Availability Layer (DA) to generate and validate transaction proofs.

  • Problem Settlement:
    • Lack of liquidity: current DeFi solutions struggle with seamless operations across different layer 2.
    • Lack of transparency: Lots of people rely on Exchange to swap their token.
    • High entry barriers in new chain: New chain and learn new token.
  • Soultion:
    • Avail DA(Enhanced transparency ): Using DA as our proof storage, everyone can verify it.
    • SP1 ZKVM(Enhanced Safety): Use ZK to prove the actions on chain make it more secure.
    • Lower Barriers: miner will send money to your other chain account, it can be the chain expert in the fastest time!

How it's Made

Build & Installation

| GohanLayer is a monorepo managed using turbo. You can find the source code for each package in the apps and packages directory.

  • apps`
    • apps/circuits is the SP1 ZK circuits use for eigenlayer withdraw proof and also publish to avail DA
    • apps/web is the web frontend. It built by frontend template, wagmi and vite
  • packages
    • packages/contract is the miner register contract and the test ERC20 token for test. It use hardhat to deploy

Step By Step

  1. Install all peer dependencies
pnpm install
  1. Build only frontend
pnpm build --filter web
  1. Deploy Contract
cd packages/contract
pnpm deploy:token --networks <YOUR_NETWORK>
pnpm deploy:miner --networks <YOUR_NETWORK>
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