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Godot Onchain

PoC of running games built with Godot Engine on Cartesi for verifiable high scores.

Godot Onchain

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ETHGlobal New York

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🥈 Cartesi — Best MVP

Project Description

This project showcases the use of Cartesi to validate leaderboard submissions in single player, arcade style games. This proof of concept begins with a browser-based 2D platformer, mechanically similar to Geometry Dash. Players submit their high scores, along with a gameplay log, to the godot server running on Cartesi. The game server replays their game log in order to validate the legitimacy of their score.

How it's Made

First and foremost, Godot engine is used for the browser client game and the server that verifies high scores. The server is running on Cartesi, which provides a way to verify high scores deterministically and publish results directly to the blockchain. The website hosting the game client is built with NextJS.

In order to submit high scores, players are required to sign up, which creates a custodial wallet using Biconomy. The intention was that players would be able to submit their high score gaslessly via the Biconomy Paymaster. Unfortunately I ran out of time.

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