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Yield Bearing Tokens Integration with Gnosis Pay to power yield for crypto debit cards


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ETHGlobal London

Project Description

User's can't pay with yield tokens using gnosis pay, we attempted to add some new features!

The solution enables Gnosis Pay cardholders to hold and automatically convert interest-earning tokens (e.g., sDAI, wstETH) to EURe tokens whenever the balance drops below a threshold, ensuring yield and while still holding enough tokens to satisfy your grocery shopping.

How it's Made

We deployed a safe vault and used zodiac to implement a delay module. From there, we deployed a simple demo smart contract to the gnosis chain mainnet that coverts EURe to usdc, requiring the deployer to input that amount of EURe and the ratio to convert at.

Our team got food poisoning which took us out for most of the hackathon, but we would've wrote some additional contracts and created an interface / dashboard to allow users to adjust their yield if we had more time.

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