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Gnosis Social: Simplifying DAO creation and management with innovative features, seamless integration, and enhanced security for decentralized collaboration.


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

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Arbitrum - Qualifying Arbitrum Submissions

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Project Description

Gnosis Social is a groundbreaking platform revolutionizing the landscape of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). It serves as a bridge between Web2 and Web3, simplifying the initiation and management of DAOs for broader adoption. By abstracting governance models and tokenomics, Gnosis Social streamlines the complex processes involved, making them accessible to a wider audience. Its key features include customizable governance settings, flexible voting mechanisms, controlled access to Token-gated DAO resources, Anonymous Groups, etc. Moreover, Gnosis Social addresses critical pain points within the DAO ecosystem such as technical complexity and communication challenges. It provides an intuitive interface for users, eliminating the need for extensive technical knowledge. Additionally, it offers a dedicated space for streamlined DAO activity management, overcoming integration challenges posed by platforms like Discord and Telegram.

Gnosis Social's versatility extends to its ability to serve as a platform for token-gated communities. By implementing token-gated DAO resources, Gnosis Social enables communities to create exclusive spaces accessible only to token holders. These token-gated communities can foster deeper engagement and collaboration among members, incentivizing token ownership and participation in DAO activities. This feature enhances the platform's utility, catering to diverse use cases and empowering communities to leverage blockchain technology for community building and governance.

Our project enables anyone to create a DAO within minutes without needing to understand the intricacies of DAO mechanisms, write smart contracts, or conduct audits. DAO creation is simplified to a few form submissions. Users can create multiple governance tokens within a single DAO, each with its own set of parameters such as quorum, proposing threshold, and voting threshold for proposals. The project offers flexibility in the types of voting mechanisms for proposals. Users can choose between simple voting, where options include yes, no, and abstain, and quadratic voting, allowing voters to assign different weights to different options.

All contracts are deployed and verified on the Chaido Gnosis Testnet. We have utilized Dynamic for social authentication. We have implemented the ERC-6551 standard for deploying Token-Bound Accounts. ERC6551Registry.sol and ERC6551Account.sol contracts are deployed on the Chaido testnet to enable Token-Bound Accounts on Chiado. When a new DAO is created, an NFT is minted for the DAO, and a Token-Bound Account is deployed and linked to that NFT. The DAO Treasury can be stored in this Token-Bound Account. We have integrated the Witness protocol to generate on-chain proofs for Provenant Lazy NFT Minting (ERC721P). This is used when the DAO admin airdrops NFTs to DAO members. Initially, a custom leafHash is generated by hashing and combining an access code and NFT address. This leafHash serves as a proof for the user that they own the NFT without actually minting it. This leafHash is then submitted to the witness server. The access code and NFT address are shared with recipients. During NFT minting, recipients enter their access code and assigned NFT address. The corresponding leafHash is formed, and proofs are generated. Verification of the proof's validity allows users to mint NFTs.

How it's Made

To build Gnosis Social, we employed a comprehensive tech stack and integrated partner technologies to ensure a seamless and secure platform for decentralized collaboration and governance.

Frontend: Leveraging TypeScript and Next.js, we crafted the frontend interface of Gnosis Social. TypeScript provided type safety and enhanced developer productivity, while Next.js facilitated the creation of dynamic and optimized web applications. This combination ensured fast loading times and a smooth user experience. Chakra UI was utilized for designing the user interface of Gnosis Social. Its robust and customizable component library allowed for the creation of visually appealing and intuitive interfaces, enhancing user engagement and navigation.

Smart Contracts: We utilized Solidity to write smart contracts governing various aspects of DAO operations, including voting, token distribution, and access control to DAO resources. These contracts were meticulously crafted to ensure security and reliability. All smart contracts are deployed on the Gnosis Chain testnet.

Integration of Gnosis Chain: Gnosis Social seamlessly integrates Gnosis Chain, deploying and meticulously verifying contracts on the Chaindo testnet. This integration ensures security and reliability within the Gnosis ecosystem, providing users with a trustworthy foundation for their decentralized endeavors.

Integration of Ethsign: Gnosis Social implements Ethsign, a schema registration mechanism designed to ensure the on-chain authenticity of participant identities and information. This framework facilitates the precise linking of attestation data to predefined schemas, enabling efficient verification of participant identities within the platform.

Connecting Smart Contracts with UI using ethers.js: We utilized ethers.js to connect smart contracts with the frontend UI, enabling seamless interaction between users and the Ethereum blockchain. This ensured efficient execution of DAO operations, such as voting and token transfers, directly from the web interface.

Integration of Witness Protocol: Witness Protocol is integrated into Gnosis Social to provide on-chain proofs for Provenant Lazy NFT Minting (ERC721P) and DAO member invitation processes. This ensures the integrity and security of actions taken within the platform, enhancing user trust and confidence in the decentralized ecosystem.

Throughout the development process, we ensured meticulous attention to detail and addressed any challenges or complexities that arose. By leveraging a robust tech stack and integrating partner technologies, Gnosis Social emerged as a powerful platform for decentralized collaboration and governance, offering users a seamless and secure experience in the world of DAOs.

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