We are creating an Dapp for people to mint the papers / scientific ideas ( as an way to support the author and references ) and then using the merkle distributor mechanism to pay to all the contributors , the proceeds of the bid of that given token


Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

we are using the splitter payment type , being already used at large scale payment of the airdrops ( by uniswap for instance and to evolve the project to allow consequent stakeholders of the scientific papers (reference citations , co-authors , etc) being able to be sponsored for the paper research , by allowing anybody to create NFT tokens of these details , and then allow the auctioning of the token to create the liquidity pool , which is then being redeemed to the given users

How it's Made

this project is currently incomplete , but the potential work in the future is follows : this project uses the to first get the users input (which will be defined as the users metadata and that of the manuscript NFT token ), who wants to register his paper . then we will generate the CID for the details for the splitter contract to be accessing the details about the authors (create new addresses if they are not present , else integrating their ENS names ) , and then disbursing them the payments based on their defines % to each of the person who has being referenced in the paper.

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