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Gloatbook is curated, aesthetic gallery and leaderboard for NFT Collectors and Artists


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Project Description

A large aspect of NFTs are buyers collecting pieces that inspire, intrigue and even confuse them. Most sites will display what has been acquired, not allowing the buyer to reflect their personality or story behind their collection. That desire is fulfilled with Gloatbook. Where they can display which NFTs they want for an aesthetic experience that users will crave. Whether they are telling a story, expressing a general mood, or just really like pixel art; their Gloat is their gallery space to make their own and show off to the public.

Gloatbook is a gallery, a leaderboard and an experience. The Collectors are now Curators. With Gloatbook, they are able to aesthetically showcase their cross-platform NFTs to an audience of infinite numbers. Curators can create their own galleries, or "Gloats" by linking their address, selecting which NFTs to appear and using the UI within the site to upload a header and select a color story for their Gloat. Gloat page views are tracked and most viewed Gloats each week are featured on the homepage. The ultimate Gloat.

Being featured on the front page will increase the trajectory of NFTs and the artists and buyers behind them. It will become an honor for an NFT to be purchased by leading Curators and featured on Gloats. This will drive NFTs to be more easily consumed and also fuel inspiration for future NFTs.

Visual Artist & Graphic Designer - Anjelica "AJ" Sauerwein @bananalinajolie

Developer Relations Lead at Compound Labs - Adam Bavosa @adambavosa

How it's Made

The concept and design guide was created using Sketch App, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

The app is made with HTML, CSS, JS, and uses The Graph, ENS, Zora, IPFS, . It is hosted on GitHub Pages.

We eventually wanted to support NFTs on every platform as well as plain old 721s but we ran out of time, so only Zora NFTs are included for now.

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