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GIANT - Global Internet Access Network Token

Bandwidth as NFT. A platform that turns bandwidth into a global digital asset to buy, sell, gift, securitize bandwidth.

GIANT - Global Internet Access Network Token

Created At

ETHSanFrancisco 2022

Winner of


🥇 Covalent — Best Use

Project Description

GIANT turns connectivity contracts into an asset (i.e. NFT) on the blockchain so that anyone can buy/sell (trade), gift (transfer), or collateralize (borrow money). Think bandwidth is a currency. You use to get online, you trade it for goods, etc.

Today, the challenge with crypto is that you need to own crypto to be able to do anything with crypto, which means as users we need to have spare cash to get started, leaving majority of the users behind. On the other hand, 5B+ of us already spend trillions of dollars on connectivity every single year.

By turning connectivity and the money we already spend on connectivity into a globally tradable digital asset, we make access to financial services accessible to anyone.

We turn connectivity contracts into an NFT, which is a tokenized representation of a real world bandwidth contract on the blockchain.

To get started anyone with a mobile phone or a computer can come to the GIANT collection on OpenSea, mint eSIM NFT and come to the GIANT dapp to activate and instantly go online. It is as easy as buy, scan and connect.

How it's Made

  1. We bought USA eSIM plans that we wanted to tokenize.
  2. We used to create and deploy bandwidth NFT smart contracts on Goerli testnet and Polygon mainnet. is an opensource NFT creation and deployment platform.
  3. Polygon was extremely simple and inexpensive to deploy to. The contract deployment took seconds and we were able to view our NFTs on OpenSea instantly.
  4. We used OpenSea to list, discover and sell bandwidth NFTs.
  5. We created a dapp using react.js to automatically fetch the bandwidth NFTs purchased by the account. The dapp supports connecting to Metamask wallet.
  6. On wallet connection, users can view their active and inactive bandwidth (eSIM data) plans. Inactive bandwidth plans can be activated instantly. On activation, they see a eSIM QR code to scan and install on their device and you get access to internet right away. The entire process takes 3-5 mins.
  7. The activated plan's QR code is also stored on IPFS's and this * can be shared as a gift with anyone. The receiver sees the QR code and gets free internet. They do not even need a wallet or visit the app, making it possible to intuitively onboard existing internet users onto crypto.
  8. On the backend, we used Covalent APIs to fetch the eSIM NFT metadata to validate the eSIM purchase and bandwidth plan.
  9. We also used Push Protocol both on the frontend and backend. Backend sends push notifications to user's wallet for 3 events - Plan successfully activated, bandwidth consumption reached 70% and bandwidth consumption reached 100%.
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