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Protocol and Telegram Bot For all your GHO operations. Create limitorders, Borrow/Lend GHO, Pay With GHO in single click by sending a message in telegram


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Project Description

Project Title: GhoVista - Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Telegram Bot

Project Description:

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Welcome to GhoVista, your all-in-one decentralized financial companion on Telegram! GhoVista revolutionizes the way you interact with the crypto world by seamlessly integrating various decentralized finance (DeFi) functionalities within the Telegram platform. Experience the future of finance at your fingertips with GhoVista.

Key Features:


Easily make payments using any token of your choice. Automatic conversion to Gho, providing a unified and simplified payment experience.

Decentralized Limit Orders:

Empower your trading strategy with decentralized limit orders. Execute trades autonomously, directly from the Telegram interface, without the need for third-party exchanges.

Borrow Gho:

Unlock liquidity by borrowing Gho against your existing crypto holdings. Smart and secure lending protocols ensure a seamless borrowing experience.

Lend Gho at Your Interest Rates:

Be a part of the decentralized lending ecosystem by offering Gho for lending. Set your interest rates and earn passive income on your Gho holdings.

How GhoVista Works:

User-Friendly Interface: GhoVista provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface accessible directly from your Telegram app.

Cross-Token Transactions: PayWithGho allows you to make transactions using various tokens, automatically converting them to Gho at real-time market rates.

Automated Conversion: Seamless token conversion ensures that you never miss an opportunity and can transact effortlessly across different cryptocurrencies.

Smart Contracts for Limit Orders: GhoVista leverages decentralized smart contracts to execute limit orders, providing security, transparency, and autonomy in your trading activities.

Decentralized Finance Hub: GhoVista acts as your hub for decentralized financial activities, offering borrowing and lending services without intermediaries.

How it's Made

GhoVista, the decentralized finance (DeFi) Telegram bot, boasts a robust technical foundation to provide users with a secure and seamless financial experience. The key technologies shaping GhoVista's architecture include:


At the heart of GhoVista lies Node.js, serving as the backend runtime environment. Node.js ensures optimal scalability, responsiveness, and real-time interactions within the Telegram platform. Solidity:

Smart contracts, the cornerstone of GhoVista's decentralized features, are crafted with Solidity. This programming language, tailored for Ethereum smart contracts, ensures secure and trustless execution of complex financial operations. Chainlink Oracles and Upkeeps:

GhoVista integrates Chainlink oracles to maintain precise and up-to-date token conversion rates. These decentralized price feeds, coupled with automated upkeeps, guarantee accuracy and efficiency in executing various smart contract functionalities. CCIP (Crypto Convertible Interface Protocol):

GhoVista embraces CCIP, a proprietary protocol facilitating seamless token conversions. CCIP streamlines the process, ensuring interoperability and delivering a unified payment experience as various tokens effortlessly convert into Gho.

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