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The all-in-one insurance, yield generation and analytics platform for GHO ecosystem protocols.


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Project Description

GHOSTATION allows protocols in the GHO ecosystem to purchase insurance policies that pay out in case of hacks/vulnerabilities. It also offers yield opportunities for regular users via vaults that provide interest by leveraging DEX liquidity pools. The platform ensures price stability for GHO through arbitrage and maintains balanced ecosystem growth.

Core Features:

  • Protocol Insurance - Protocols within the GHO ecosystem can buy insurance and pay premiums to acquire insurance coverage to take out policies that provide a payout in case of disaster events to secure coverage. Protocols stake the premium monthly in the insurance vaults where users also stake, in case of any event, the TVL can be used to payout the insurance to the protocol. The users are also incentivized to stake in the vault by giving high-yield amounts and trust in the protocols. ** This creates a better GHO ecosystem where protocols would also want to participate ** ** It also ensures the price of GHO does not de-peg in case of any attack on a protocol using GHO. **

  • User Yield Vaults - Users can deposit GHO tokens into vaults that distribute funds across different yield-generating protocols like Uniswap, Curve and Balancer liquidity pools in certain percentages based on their APYs to generate yield for the user. Users enjoy maximum yield compared to depositing on different protocols without any hassle.

  • GHO Analytics - GHOStation provides analytics for all your GHO interactions and Transactions along with a graphical experience for your analytics. Charts and graphs provide real-time and historical visual data on GHO token metrics.

  • Claims Verification - GHOStation allows stakers other than users to verify and validate or dispute insurance claims made by registered protocols. Stakers get a prize amount on every decision they make.

How it's Made

Tech Stack:

  • NextJs
  • TypeScript
  • Solidity
  • Tailwind CSS

We have written a smart-contract for to insure protocols that registers on the platform and pays timely premium . We followed the ERC4626 Vault EIP to create the vault System for both our vaults , namely yield & GHO insurance Vault , modified them to fulfil our requirements. Yield pool's deposit is distributed into UNISWAP , CURVE & BALANCER. Staking contract was created for verifers , to stake and participate in the verification of Claims , to earn fees

Frontend was built on Next.JS , along with ShadCN UI & Tailwind CSS. Wagmi , Viem and ConnectKit libraries were used to perform contract integration and interaction. AAVE SDK was used to interact with the AAVE protocol , to fetch the analytics and stats.

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