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Ghost is a mobile-native AA smart wallet designed for p2p payments, featuring automatic saving plans and easy-to-use investment features GHO-based.


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Aave - Integration Prize

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ETHGlobal - 🏆 LFGHO Finalist

Project Description

Ghost is a mobile-native smart wallet, developed on the AA stack, designed for streamlined peer-to-peer (p2p) payments, automated savings plans, and investment functionalities.

Ghost is a GHO-centric wallet, where users can receive and send payments in GHO. If a user sends a currency other than GHO (for example, USDC), it is automatically swapped into GHO without any action required from the user, using GHO as a true digital dollar.

Within the app, users can easily invest their GHO in:

  • GHO Vault -> providing GHO/USDC liquidity on UniswapV3 through a 4626 Vault
  • AAVE -> supplying assets (automatically swapping from GHO) on v3 pool

By investing in AAVE, users unlock the borrow feature, which allows them to borrow GHO at any time or on-demand in cases such as I have 5 GHO and need to pay 7, I can borrow 2 and make the payment.

Moreover, the 'pocket' feature automatically rounds up every payment received and invests it (in AAVE/Vault) without user intervention as you receive 5.50 GHO, 5 GHO are received while 0.50 are automatically invested.

Thanks to the use of the AA stack (Smart Wallet, Bundler, and Paymaster), the UX of the app is comparable to that of any web2 fintech application. Ghost creates a wallet and a smart wallet with a social login, and executes transactions without a signature, gas fees, or 0x addresses.

The goal of Ghost is to offer the functionalities of web3 and DeFi specifically to the average user by providing the simplest and most intuitive UX, abstracting away all the complexities of using a non-custodial wallet. Ghost wants to be the everyday mobile wallet.

How it's Made

Ghost is a native mobile application built on the following stack:

  • React Native for the mobile application
  • Thirdweb React Native SDK kit for the creation and use of Embedded Wallets and Smart Accounts with AA (bundler and paymaster)
  • A fork of the Thirdweb Smart Wallet (Account) contracts with the implementation of Ghost's unique functionalities
  • Chainlink Automation for automating user investment and savings strategies, and for automatically swapping received tokens other than GHO into GHO
  • Chainlink CCIP for seamless cross-chain p2p payments
  • ERC4626 vault standard for the creation of the GHO vault and Uniswap v3 for liquidity provision
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