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GHOExpense Companion

Empower Finances, Simplify Delegation - Your Ultimate Family Expense Companion!

GHOExpense Companion

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Project Description

GHOExpense Companion stands out with its seamless expense tracking and integration of the Aave protocol. Users can effortlessly log and categorize family expenditures. The Aave protocol adds a layer of stability to transactions, enabling users to stake DAI and mint GHO. This integration empowers family facilitators to mint and distribute GHO, fostering a secure and collaborative approach to managing finances.

How it's Made

This project is made using ConnectKit, @Aave Protocol and Chainlink CCIP. It is a web3 application which allows ease of expense tracking for all family members. ConnectKit is used to securely and easily integrate metamask wallet to the application. Aave Protocol is used to facilitate the Pool functions. We have integrated GHO stable coin for facilitating payments, sending GHO cross chain (from sepolia to arbitrum) which uses the Chainlink CCIP functions. Also we integrated Aave's liquidity pool feature which is used to supply the funds (DAI) of the user to the pool and gives him/her the ability to borrow GHO. This GHO can be used for payments. We have also made a vault for storing the GHO tokens. The head of the family (facilitator) will decide which other members of the family get to be the facilitators. Facilitators have full access and members have limited access to the pool.

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